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Dubai Dolphinarium - Dolphin Planet

Start your amazing water adventure and book at SEA BIRD to enjoy with this human friendly creature Dolphin. This is the best-organized place in the world with refreshing and friendly environment and you will be able to see many magnificent stunts done by our Dolphins.

Bring you family and kids to play and swim with Dolphins and do different activities that are suitable for all ages. You will also experience the astonishing views by standing in the shallow water to swimming and you can meet dolphins under water with scuba diving without any harm and danger. You can visit and stay there as long as you want to stay by enjoying the unforgettable moments and capture them in your camera forever.

We offer multi facilities for both swimmers and non-swimmers to interact with dolphins so that if they want to enter water or just want to stay out of water they can paly with dolphins in both situations so loveably.

You get enough time to play and take photos with them and it is a best way to teach your children about the love for other non-human creatures and their safety. So come and take advantage from our offers and take the best time of your life to the next level of adventure.

  • Dubai Dolphinarium is a 5,000-square-meter!
  • modern marine facility with around 1250 seating capacity!
  • The Dolphins have their own private habitat area with 600 cubic metres!
  • sea water connected to the main arena pool!

Various activities like kids summer camp and Dubai Summer Surprises are held at the Dubai Dolphinarium every year during summer holidays.Dubai Dolphinarium in association with Dubai Municipality organized an Autism Awareness Day from various autism care centres and training centres for children with special needs on April 28, 2011.

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  • Dolphin pic

  • Dolphin pic

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