Exotic Musandam Adventure

Do you want to enjoy ride on water without boat?

Then come to SEA BIRD and enjoy donut ride with us with your family and friends during your vacation or any other time. This amazing ride has a variety of seating with the spaces of two-seater, four-seater and six-seater so that you can enjoy as a couple and also with a large families depending on the number of people.

The donut floats on a large area of water like a sea river and a lake and meanwhile the rider chain up their tubes to a powerful watercraft motor. Once you have stepped inside the donut ride you will be pulled through the water with the help of watercraft and you can set the speed according to your choice and fun and if you are a beginner then our instructor will guide you in a best possible way.

Each age groups are taught with the speed limits and controlling, usually children are advised to set the slow speed and teenagers with the medium speed and the adults can set high speed because they have better control and they can even towed faster in a secure way. So what are you waiting for, just choose our package and pre-order to have the unlimited fun in the edge with the donut ride like never before.

  • Beautiful beach which is sorround by mountains
  • picup and droff-off!
  • Duration: Full day trip
  • Price per person: (AED 170)
  • Lunch buffet!
  • Unlimited water and softdrinks
  • Swimming and snorking in the clear water
  • Banana rides and fishing

Musandam Dibba is very charming and scenic place in Oman, The Tour to the breathtak-ingly beautiful place is entertaining and relaxing

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