Water sports


Do you want to fly in a different way by standing on a board on seawater?

Then just feel free to join with SEA BIRD and lest get started with this fly boarding course that is very edgy and next level sport activity to enjoy in Dubai. We have normal rates of each ride plus we also provide life jackets and instructors for your safety so that you can enjoy greatly.

This fly board works with propulsion that helps to drive this crazy ride in the air and you just stand with a balance on it to wave your both hands to the people who are watching your and it is also called hydro flying. Fly board is bolt-on equipment that is mounted to a personal watercraft that goes after the ride’s tail. With the multiple degree option you can go under the water also if you wish to and to see under water.

The binding of fly board is same like a wakeboard and there is no chance of falling down because of the firm fittings of belts and other equipment to your body. You will be pushed from seawater jest below the device and this will enable you to fly and the water will make a fountain blow your boat that makes a quite adventurous view. So it time to enjoy and experience this amazing watersport ride with us.

  • Water Sports in Dubai!
  • Duration: 30 min
  • You must know how to swim.
  • Valid for ages 15 and above.
  • From 01 and more persons:
  • Days of Operation: Daily!
  • Price per person: (AED 525)
  • You must be physically fit.

Does Flyboarding require me to have any special skills?

First and foremost, you need to be comfortable in the water and hone basic swimming skills to be able to do this. Considering you have a life-vest on and the flyboard is buoyant itself, knowing swimming and being comfortable in the water would just help you not panic as much, when you plunge into the water, inevitably. If you don’t have any prior Flyboarding experience, our brief training sessions equip you with all the tips and tricks you need to know in order to make the most of your Flyboarding experience.

Tip – Try to not look down once airborne as that might make you lose your balance, unless you’re a professional, of course

Heart is the difference between those who attempt and those who achieve..

How do you balance yourself on the board?

Riding a flyboard is pretty similar to riding a hoverboard as far as dynamics are concerned. Just so you know, a hoverboard skims the surface of the water while you ride a flyboard up in the air (above water), obviously.

Once you’re suited up, you must lie flat on your stomach (in the water) and wait for the jet engine to be turned on, which will exert a force beneath your feet that will propel you through the water horizontally. After you find yourself getting used to this surreal sensation, the flyboard operator (who controls the speed of the board) will ever so gradually increase the level of thrust. Once ready, bending your legs near your waist will help you lift up and out of the water and in to the air.

Tip – When plunging towards the water, always make sure your feet are pointing away from the PWC to make sure you don’t collide with it.

Conditions: Any part or all of your Flyboarding tour can be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, government policies, or force majeure. However you will be offered alternative dates to have and enjoy your DUBAI beach Flyboarding .