Water sports


What it takes to make you fly other than the airplane?

Yes that’s right it is fly fish ride at SEA BIRD at the best and refreshing location where you can get complete peace of mind. We have very affordable rates to enjoy all the rides with our instructors for your guidance to make you feel easy and fun feeling while you are on a fly fish.

The breathtaking ride of fly fish is one of the marine sports in Dubai this ride is made of a rubber that is pulled by another powerful motorboat. It has a space for two persons while two people lay down on it and they are tied properly with the life jacket and they can just enjoy the water splashes as it fly with the speed of wind and the power of pulling of another boat that is attached to it.

This great adventurous will give you the real feeling of flying like a real fish in the air with the jumping on a seawater. On the other side each ride has one guard included so that you can be protective and tension free and enjoy with his company. We always provide the extraordinary safety with excellent equipment that guarantees your watersport experience the most memorable one and you wish to visit again once you try all the rides.

  • Water Sports in Dubai!
  • Minimum: 2 persons: .
  • Days of Operation: Daily!
  • Timing: Subject to availability!
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Price per person: US $60 (AED 210)
  • Children below 10 years are not allowed
  • Additional cost per car for pick-up and drop off within Dubai.

Fly fish is the fantastic addition in the water sports of the world. It is one of the best ways to reach the sky height on the surface of the sea. The fly fish recalls the old memories of a magic carpet providing people an opportunity to fly.Fly fish is zipped behind a motor boat that flies in the air on the surface water as the boat catches the high speed and dunk into the water as it reduce the speed. This is amazing flying experience.

If you are ready to enjoy this amazing water sports, we can help you to attain peak level excitement and entertainment with the ease and comfort. Fly fish is just like a flat rubber boat that flies on the water surface against wind. Due to the high speed of the boat, it looks like the rubber boat is flying on the sea water.

Heart is the difference between those who attempt and those who achieve..

Conditions:Fly Fish tour can be cancelled due to bad weather conditions, government policies, or force majeure. However you will be offered alternative dates to have and enjoy your DUBAI beach Fly Fish Ride or will get full refund.