Le Perle Dubai

Le Perle Dubai

Experience the live entertainment with SEA BIRD at La Perle Dubai. The whole structure is designed with the future technology that portraits many artistic performances with the astonishing visual graphics.So book your tickets now and enjoy this fantasy arena with your family and partner to make the trip full of interesting entertainment.

La Perle has the highest production credentials, starting with creator and producer of the show, Franco Dragone, who is one of the most sought-after artistic directors in the world. Dragone is internationally renowned for reinventing the genre of theatre and changing the face of live entertainment in Las Vegas. Some of his most celebrated shows in the last decade include Celine Dion- A New Day, Le Rêve (Las Vegas) and The House of Dancing Water (Macau).

There are five shows every week and everyday there happens two shows so that people can come according to their timetable. The 65 international artists do this performance and world’s most renowned artistic directors, Franco Dragone, created this amazing live masterpiece that will blow your mind and make you forget all 3D and 4D format cinema in front of this.

This kind of theatre is not available in any country and you will find it in Dubai only, because it has become the only standout attraction that should be experience when you visit Dubai.

Indulge your mind, body and soul in this live show tat portraits and is inspired from the past, present and future of Dubai.

This interactive theatre experience should not be missed. Immerse yourself in the live show that takes inspiration from Dubai’s past, present and future.

La Perle is an unforgettable experience that you do not want to miss out on. Creating an unprecedented immersive production that can only be delivered in a purpose-built theatre, the show marks an iconic milestone for live entertainment in Dubai and the region.

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