Water sports


Do you really want to enjoy the water splashes on the sea?

Do you really want to enjoy the water splashes on the sea?Wakeboard is the water sports that let you enjoy this with SEA BIRD starting with lowest price packages. We also provide the life jacket and all the other related equipment that is required at the when you are wakeboarding. You will just have the best experience with us like never before on the other island and other watersports points, because Dubai has it all to feed you the full entertainment on water.

This amazing and adventurous surface water sport contains a small sized wakeboard that is used to ride over the surface of a body of water and your feet can be insert in the built-in shoes on the board. It is mainly used for skiing, surfing practices and snowboarding as well.

The beginners need not to worry about the things that they don’t know about because our trained instructors are always there to give you the tricks on how to wakeboard and to recuse in trouble but there is not a single chance that you get in trouble with our easy and fun rides. So what are you waiting for, just grab your ticket and select our services and join us to take full sport advantage to boost up your stamina and inner power with wakeboard.

  • Wake Boarding in Dubai!
  • Timing: Subject to availability!
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Price per person: US $120 (AED 420)
  • Days of Operation:Daily.
  • Guest should be 18 years & above.
  • From 01 and more persons: .

Offering the fair share of thrill and excitement, Wakeboarding can be termed as one of the exhilarating water sports in Dubai. Involving a wakeboard, this ride requires balancing skills and discipline to some extent. Tucked to a speedy moving boat, the participants balance themselves on a wakeboard and as the boat starts gaining pace, they can display their skills and talents of Wakeboarding.

Sea bird Water sport in Dubai are the best place to enjoy these rides and in order to enhance the thrill, it is mandatory to pay attention to the instructions from the instructors. However, before embarking on such an enthralling ride, ensure that you are wearing clothes that are suggested by the instructors. Usually, early morning during the summers are mostly preferred for these rides.

Heart is the difference between those who attempt and those who achieve..

Wake Boarding is a great adrenalin filled sport and the best location to do it is in Dubai. Being pulled across the surface of the water by a boat, the sport was developed from a combination of waterskiing, snowboarding, and surfing. Around 15 minutes of Wake Boarding.

Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding the wake of a speed boat on a single board. It was developed from a combination of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing techniques. Wakeboarding and skurfing have different characteristics.

Condition:Wake Boarding can be cancelled due to bad weather conditions, government policies, or force majeure. However you will be offered alternative dates to have and enjoy your DUBAI beach wakeboarding or will get full refund.